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And yes, you are all fuzzy baby ducks. Good day.
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  • Project Matador 2013

Hey ducklings, this is a bit sudden, but I really could use some extra hands in this…

Who is this little guy? Why, this is Matador, aka Matty. He is a PRE Andalusian colt with a whole lot of heart and beauty to go with it. He is seven months old now — the top photo being the most recent one I have of him.

He is an orphan baby. His mother died six hours after he was born due to birthing complications, leaving him in the care of my boss (who owns both sire and dam) and her other workers for three days until the nurse mare came in from Oklahoma. My first ever meeting with Matty was when he was only two weeks old, and he left the greatest first impression I have ever had the chance to have. The moment I stepped into the field, he came flying at me, straight for me, with no intentions of stopping. I held out my hands in front of me, and just before he ran me over, he seemed to realize he was getting too up close and personal and slammed on the brakes. He fell onto his butt and slid to a stop, catching his face in my hands. And that’s when I knew he caught me.

During the summer, I spent quite a ton of spare time with him and grew quite attached. He now hollers at me when I am coming to and leaving the field, never leaves my side, and pouts whenever I socialize with the other four babies that are also in the field. He’s even shoved them away before because they wanted attention. I have gained his trust enough to the point that if he is resting in the field, he will allow me to walk up and use his (pudgy) belly as a pillow. His favorite places to be scratched are his belly, his chest, his butt, and behind his ears. He stretches his neck up tall and looks like a giraffe. He is very social and does not like playing rough with other foals. He prefers scratching, not rubbing. I know all of his little quirks and preferences. I feel like he has actually been dumped into my lap. Except…I don’t own him. But my boss offered me a deal. And it’s going to cost me ten thousand dollars to take her up on it. (With no guarantee that he is not bought out from under me.)

Ten thousand dollars is a lot of money for anyone — and it is true that I already own one horse. But the one horse I own — my mother owns — is now completely retired from competing or heavy riding due to stress-related complications in his system. I am not willing to risk putting him through more competitions just so I can continue my riding and training at his expense. Most of his story lies with my mother, who has had HIM since he was seven months old, and has spent many years of sheer effort making him rideable for me. I want to be able to do that with Matty. The problem? I do not have a job that pays. No pay = no money = no Matty. I might not have a paying job, but what I do have is a lot of determination. Which is why I’m turning to you guys a bit. If Tumblr can get a person a fluffy chicken, who says Tumblr can’t help get a girl her best friend?

I beg you to signal boost this. You don’t even have to be a part of the horse community, and there’s no set amount of ‘notes’ to achieve before I magically obtain the money to buy him. But if you could please just spread the word, both Matty and I will try to thank you in some way. I will be taking commissions soon, so if you have seen any of my art and are interested, don’t be afraid to shoot me a message requesting pricing. I am also adding more merchandise to my Spreadshirt store sometime soon.

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